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17th-19th AUG

8:00am-5:30pm daily

During this 3 day immersion we’ll explore these fun poses. Uncover your deep core to help stabilise and power up your inversion practice. Explore core conditioning, handstand conditioning exercises, shoulder stability and mobility exercises and inversion variations.

We’ll break down the alignment and technique as you learn to build these poses from the foundation up. We’ll explore effective techniques and modifications for all body types in the journey to a safe, solid foundation of handstands and many other inverted poses. Learn how to intelligently sequence building the poses to gain strength, stability and balance.

This training is open to teachers who want to deepen their understanding of Inversions and to teach their students with a greater wealth of knowledge and experience.


  • Core control in relation to inversions
  • handstand, handstand, shoulder stand and forearm balance
  • learn the foundations- safe and effective practice techniques
  • progressions and unique variations- where to go next
  • Functional anatomy and alignment principles
  • Understand the balance between strength & stability + mobility & flexibility and how to spot them in your students
  • Basic competency assessments- what are your students ready for?
  • Unique drills and skill progressions
  • strengthening and stretching key areas for each inversion
  • how to safely and effectively spot inversions
  • assisting for success
  • Sequencing for a safe and effective inversion class-

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