Sun on your skin, Salt in the air, sand in the hair

SUP Yoga is a  fusion of Yoga and Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding (SUP) SUP Yoga.

Enjoy the beauty of nature whilst learning basic paddle techniques and take you asana practice off the mat and onto the board.

The natural movement of the water challenges the balance and engages muscles you never knew you had.

Whether you’re an experienced paddler or complete beginner, a seasoned yogi or just starting out you can come and ENJOY the benefits of SUP Yoga.

Small group sizes allow for an intimate experience with plenty of personalised attention. Zoe Trenwith is a fully certified SUP Yoga teacher who will keep you safe and challenged all at the same time.

Allow the flow of the water to calm and soothe you into a state of bliss.

SUP Yoga Flow

A full vinyasa style practice out on the water. Feel the natural flow of the water underneath you challenging your balance as you connect movement to breath. With Zoe’s skilful guidance we’ll explore Sun Salutations, standing poses, arm balances and even some inversions. Build core strength, balance and mental focus all the while enjoying being out in nature. Come with a playful spirit and willingness to get wet!

SUP Bliss

Connect to your breath and body through  gentle sequence of restorative asana all whilst enjoying being out in nature. The gentle flow of water beneath you encourages you to let go as you enjoy this blissful relaxation practice.