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NOV 23-25th



This workshop is aimed at yoga practitioners who would like to deepen their practice and understanding, enhancing their yoga through understanding not just the physical “what & how” but also the psycho-spiritual “why.” In this way, the intimate connection between life and yoga will become clearer, and your practice will gain new levels of clarity and intentionality.

General Introduction to Yoga Philosophy: Using Hermann Hesse’s famous novel ‘Siddhartha. We’ll lay down a common for all participants, both old students & newcomers to Philosophy. We’ll explore yogic concepts and history and introduce ideas around textual works and Indian mythology

Two most important & influential models of the conditioned mind: exploring the Katha Upanisad, Siddhartha Gautama’s Model, modern brain research and how to use ancient yogic & modern insights in our yoga practice and teachings.

Karma and how it shapes the conditioned mind

Stress: The Physiology & Psychology of Stress and exploring Yogic Approaches of how to deal with Stress

Latest Research about the History of Modern Yoga: How can we live and practice (and in some cases also teach) yoga authentically in a hyper-commercialised environment

Spiritual Materialism & Bypassing: exploring the classical traps on the yogic path and how we can overcome them

Clarity & Intention: Take a critical look at the concepts of  ‘spirituality’ and ‘yoga’. Why was it done in ancient times? Why are we doing it today? What can and can’t it really do? How can we avoid false promises & blown up one-liner ‘wisdom’? Getting clear on our Intentions of sharing this path of yoga.