Be inspired and motivated during your own private yoga session. You will be guided through specific asana, meditation and pranayama techniques designed specifically for your individual goals and needs.

Here are a few reasons why private yoga classes may be suitable for you

Recovering from an injury or illness

Focus on specific health goals or concerns

Personalised attention and instruction ensuring you are working to your level

Convenience to suit your schedule

Class designed to suit your specific needs

Focus on the things that matter to you the most

Learn correct and specific techniques that will benefit you for life

Take home practice techniques for you to continue at your own pace

Unsure of attending a yoga class and want some specific instruction first

Zoe tailors each session around your individual concerns and progressions through practice. Focusing not only on what to do but how to do it effectively and safely. Zoe is known for her specific attention to detail allowing you to get the most out of your individual yoga practice. Because none of us has the exact same body Zoe tailors your practice to suit you individual body needs.

Whether you are after ongoing private sessions or a once off. Private yoga sessions are the best way to learn specifically what you need for your body.

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What Others Are Saying


I recently underwent 2 shoulder . I have tears and spurs in my right shoulder and lumbar disc bulges L3-5.

Leading up to my operations I started to feel depressed and disconnected from my aching body, I am 55 years old and losing the ability to perform and physical activity was soul destroying.

Then I met Zoe. After approximately 5 months of being on the mat my life has been enriched beyond description.

I believe in faith and that the crossing of certain paths can be life changing. I’m so grateful and feel truly blessed that my path crossed with Zoe’s path, when I needed it most. Read More


3 years ago i sustained a serious injury from a chiropractic treatment that left me with 2 bulging disc in my lower back, causing me severe pain.

The constant pain and discomfort was physically and psychologically impacting on my life, and I needed help.

12 months ago A dear client of mine referred me to Zoe, Initially I was apprehensive as yoga is something I had never done before, but Zoe’s kind nature made me comfortable, and soon we built a strong rapport. Read More





Your first session is 75mins; 15mins consult 60min yoga practice

2x follow up 60min yoga sessions to integrate and refine










10x 1hr private yoga class a tailored to your specific body and goals whether injury rehabilitation, handstands or anything in between. This package is for dedicated students wanting to transform their practice and lives both on and off the mat

Recommended 1 session per week 


*15 week expiry

Payment and Cancellation

When you commit to working with me I commit to being there 100% for you. That affects how many other students I take on. If you’ve booked a session but can no longer make it as long as you do it more than 24hrs in advance there is no fee. For cancellations less than 24hrs in advance a full cancellation fee applies.

Payment can be done in cash or by bank transfer and must be done at the latest on the day of a single class or on the day of the first session of a package. Late payment will result in late-payment fees.

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