Backbend Masterclass

This masterclass is suitable for all level of practitioners. We will explore the anatomical aspects, techniques and the physiological and psychological benefits of backbends. By developing an understanding of the alignment and foundations we will discover how to create a connected and comfortable backbend.

Backbends turn us out to face the world. They are rejuvenating, provide energy and courage. Backbends expand the lungs and chest and open the heart. They increase flexibility in the spine and open the shoulders.

Whilst backbends can feel exhilarating and liberating they can also make us feel vulnerable and exposed. During this workshop we will explore the shoulder and hip joints and explore various heart opening asanas. We will learn how to open the shoulders and hips and develop an awareness of your individual needs in preparing for backbends. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into the practice of backbends. Those who struggle with backbends will be given tools to target and work on the area of restriction.

The key to developing a healthy backbend is learning how to take pressure off the spine. Through a sequence of backbends, we will explore the principles of alignment and the preparatory poses that allow the spine to move freely. Via the intelligent use of our breath discover how to let go and release the flow of pranic energy. We all have different bodies, joint structures and stiffness. By awakening the mind to these areas and learning the art of opening the heart and letting go of the ego we will discover a new ease and joy in backbends. Let go of force and effort and work intelligently with skill and ease find the joy of arching the spine.

 Open to grace. Be in the moment and embrace life.