Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon’


What if your potential was limitless? What if you knew deep down that you could never fail. That you can trust your life to take you EXACTLY where you are meant to be. Complete trust so profound that you will never again have a doubt in your mind. A trust so deep that there is no space in your mind for fear?

What would you do? How would you live?

The truth is you were created LIMITLESS. We are born without fear, without self doubt or negativity. Our inherent nature is love. Self-doubt, fear, negative talk are our egos way of preventing us from being free. Through our lives we learn these things. We place these limitations on ourselves or allow others to place them on us.

As young impressionable children someone telling us we’re stupid/fat/ugly/can’t sing/can’t dance may impact us for the rest of our lives. We allow these negative beliefs to define us.

When we start to awaken we start to question these beliefs.

‘Within you lies the very same spark of infinite energy and limitless potential that animates all living things’ – Panache Desai

LIMITLESS – During this INVERSION PLAY yoga workshop we’ll work on identifying the limiting beliefs that are holding us back and with courage we’ll learn to let go of the stories of our past and emerge into a new future.