Learn how to flow through your practice with lightness and grace. Developing an understanding of how to work from our core and key alignment techniques you will find the fluidity in your practice.
This workshop is suitable for all level of practitioners. During the morning session we will learn what exactly our core is and how to use it during our asana practice. Exploring anatomical aspects, techniques and concepts of core distal radiation and head tail connectivity we will discover how to create a connected and fluid asana practice full of grace.

During the afternoon session we will put into practice all we have learnt in the morning session with a full 2hr Vinyasa style asana practice flowing with grace.

Via the intelligent use of our breath discover how to let go and release the flow of pranic energy. We all have different bodies, joint structures and stiffness. By awakening the mind to these areas and learning the art of opening the heart and letting go of the ego we will discover a new ease and joy in our asana practice. Let go of force and effort and work intelligently with skill and ease and open yourself to grace.