30TH JULY 2017


Join Paula Lyle and I for a beautiful evening of inquiry and community as we explore the deeper meaning of yoga. With satsang (discussion) meditation and time to connect to ourselves, and others, as we disscuss how we can take our yoga practice beyond the Asana on the mat and into our daily lives. In this first talk we’ll explore What is Yoga? and introduce the Yamas and Niyamas, the ethical guidelines as described in one of the classical yoga texts, Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga. We’ll explore how we can bring the principles of ahimsa (non violence), Satya ( truthfulness) and more into our yoga Asana practice but more importantly our daily lives as a way to reduce suffering and live more fulfilling lives

We would love to share the evening of July 30th with you in Tennyson. Please bring your mat, bolster/cushion & blanket & we will bring to you discussion on yoga philosophy, guide you through a heart warming meditation & then enjoy the companionship of like minded people while enjoying herbal tea.
Places are limited!