Awaken Your Core Yoga Workshop

& Intro to Arm Balances


Exploring Vinyasa flow and Standing Poses

Just what is this “Core” everyone is talking about? And what exactly are the Bandhas? Throughout this core yoga workshop we will explore just what it is that makes up your subtle and physical “core” body and how exactly to tap into the power of your core. Through breath, Bandha, movement and meditation this workshop will help you explore those little points and details that you don’t get the time to focus on in a general yoga class. We will explore various “tricks‟ and techniques to help us find our “core‟ and bring a deeper awareness to working with the Bandhas through our practice. We will also explore the key poses in any Vinyasa sequence Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), Urdvha Mukha Svanasana (upward facing dog) and Chaturangha. These are the key elements in any Vinyasa sequence and though the exploration of these asana we will find new depth in our Vinyasa practice. Exploring the foundations and alignment of Tadasana we will use this as our basis when exploring other standing postures. We will explore the standing postures in a variety of ways with an awareness of alignment, bandhas and breathing techniques. Standing postures can be grounding, strengthening, energizing and calming; when they are performed with awareness they bring a lightness and joy to our practice. Discover the techniques behind Ujjayi breath, the bandhas (abdominal locks) and correct spinal alignment. This workshop will help you to cultivate correct postural alignment, strength and stability both in your asana practice and daily life. This workshop is suitable for all levels from advanced to beginners. Take your practice to the next level.

2 x 2hr workshop


INTRO TO ARM BALANCES AND INVERSIONS This workshops is an introduction to arm balances and Inversions. Arm balances and inversions are fun and playful; they build strength, courage, a sense of humour and help to ground you. They help to build core strength and bring stillness to the body and mind. Learn techniques to connect to your core and the bandhas (abdominal locks) and how to transfer these connections into strengthening your arm balances and inversions. Most of us are joyfully surprised to learn we can do things we never thought possible through the application of Yoga Alignment Principles. Learning to balance on your hands has an amazing capacity to connect you to your own power Bring your sense of humor and playfulness during this fun filled workshop. Explore opening up to the sweet space of balance between strength and softness. If you haven’t found yourself there yet this workshop will help you to soar to new heights as we learn how to practice these poses from a place of courage, breath and playfulness! This workshop is suitable for all levels from advanced to beginners.


2hr workshop