I recently underwent 2 shoulder . I have tears and spurs in my right shoulder and lumbar disc bulges L3-5.

Leading up to my operations I started to feel depressed and disconnected from my aching body, I am 55 years old and losing the ability to perform and physical activity was soul destroying.

Then I met Zoe. After approximately 5 months of being on the amt my life has been enriched beyond description.

I believe in faith and that the crossing of certain paths can be life changing. I’m so grateful and feel truly blessed that my path crossed with Zoe’s path, when I needed it most.

Zoe has taught me so much about myself through yoga practice. I have gained fitness, flexibility and strength of both my body and my mind. Through sheer perseverance, I have overcome physical and mental challenges and learnt how to breathe properly. My injuries seem so minor now.

Zoe is truly gifted at what she does. Not only is she an inspirational teacher, she is welcoming and encouraging.

I am beyond grateful for Zoe’s guidance to a positive direction and for showing me waht you can achieve in the right state of ind in yoga and life in general.

Zoe continues to challenge me and at each practice I never know what’s ahead of me on the mat. I look forward to the continual learning process and seeing the never ending benefits of yoga with Zoe.

Love of love and thank you!