Bagger Vance: Yep… Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing… Somethin’ we was born with… Somethin’ that’s ours and ours alone… Somethin’ that can’t be taught to ya or learned… Somethin’ that got to be remembered… Over time the world can, rob us of that swing… It get buried inside us under all our wouldas and couldas and shouldas… Some folk even forget what their swing was like…

Our purpose in life is to discover our Dharma and then to live it fully.

But what is Dharma?

It’s Sanskrit root “dhri,” means “to sustain” other translations describe it as support, root, duty, essential quality or character. More commonly people describe Dharma as purpose, the Dharma of fire is to be hot.

Recounting the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurushetra “field of Dharma” the legendary mythic The Bhagavad Gita is a story about Dharma.

Arjuna symbolises our Warrior self. The self that goes through daily life facing everything we come up against.

Krishna symbolises our divine self. Our higher self that rises up to remind us of what we’re truly capable of.

When Arjuna collapses in despair, distraught at the thought of fighting his own family, fear, self doubt and insecurity take hold Krishna say to him “Rise up. Your duty is to rise up. You are a warrior your duty is to fight”

Krishna reminds Arjuna of his Dharma.

Just like Arjuna we can forget who we are. We’re often told to “be ourselves” but sometimes we don’t really know what that means. We’ve been influenced and conditioned throughout our lives to think and be a certain way. The struggles we’ve had, the stories of our lives take over and we forget our true divinity.

We’re often so busy “doing” that we forget to just BE. Our yoga practice helps reminds us to just BE. Whether it be in child’s pose, handstand or meditation our yoga practice helps us to connect to our higher self. When we are fully present in that moment free from distractions, free form other people telling us what to do, we are able to really get to know who we are and what matters to us.

What we learn about ourselves through our yoga practice we can then take out into the world. Finding more freedom and confidence to be ourselves in our daily lives outside of that 2m plastic mat.

The path to discovering ourselves lies in taking away the layers that are hiding our true self.

“Success and happiness come not from changing oneself, but rather from discovering one’s natural talents and abilities and aligning one’s life according.” 

Stop trying to live your life for someone else. We can’t live for anyone else and no one else can live for us. You only have one shot at this life make it YOURS.

As Krishna says to Arjuna

“It is better to live your own Dharma imperfectly, than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”

Take some time to think about your values, or the life your living, and ask yourself are these really true to ME right now? They may have been true to you in your past or you may have just taken them on as values from the people around you. Ask yourself is this still what I truly value? What I truly want? If not then let it go. Peel away that layer.

There is something only you can offer this world. Your Dharma is to bring that uniqueness, your power into the world. In living our Dharma we make the world a better place.

“there’s a perfect shot out there trying to find each and  everyone of us. All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way. let it choose us.” Baggar Vance

Only when you figure out YOUR unique talents and let your uniqueness out into the world will you find true happiness. Take your shot. Let your true self shine.

Note: I encourage you to watch The Legend of Baggar Vance a modern movie embodying the great mythic of the Bhagavad Gita. I enjoyed watching it again this past weekend.