4 of the BEST hamstring stretches

For many of us our daily lives involves spending a lot of time sitting in cars, at work, at tables, on the couch etc. This sitting posture creates a shortening of our hamstring muscles in the back of the leg. This can lead to discomfort and pain in the lower back. Movements such as bending forward can become restricted and result in rounding of the lower back placing excessive pressure and strain on the disc in the lumbar spine.

In our yoga practice asana’s such as Downward Dog, Uttanasana, Trikonasana to name just a few can be affected. The series of stretches to the right have been my go to sequence any time I’m feeling a bit of tightness in my hamstrings.

It’s one of the most effective sequences I’ve discovered and I use it with a lot of my private clients. Especially those experiencing lower back discomfort. Unlike a lot of the seated and standing hamstring stretches the reclined position keeps the lower back supported whilst you stretch the hamstrings taking any undue stress of the discs in the lower back.

Hold each position for at least 10 breaths. Keep the shoulders and upper back relaxed on the floor using a towel or a strap if needed.

Practice this sequence every day and you’ll quickly notice the difference in the ability to touch your toes or even do full splits.