I wanted to clarify I posted my blog yesterday not because there was anything ‘wrong’, there wasn’t, or because I wasn’t ‘ok’, I am, but because I wanted to show that I still have ups and downs, I still have doubts. The difference now is how I deal with them.

I read this yesterday from Kino McGregor and I wanted to share it with you.

Practice santosha, contentment, and learn to be at peace with yourself and the world around you. After many years of practice you will get saumanasya, the cheerful joyful yogi’s mind. Cultivating love for all aspects of your life is the essence of yoga and when its perfected you will have a happiness that shines forth regardless of what lies out on the horizon.  I didn’t invent this, its straight out of Patanjali’s Yoga Syuras, Book 2

This is what yoga has given a deep underlying sense of contentment. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get rattled sometimes, I’m still learning on this journey.

We all have our ‘stories’ the difference yoga has made in my life is my ability to deal with these stories.

When these ‘stories’ arise I’m more able to deal with them and acknowledge them for what they are; stories that the ego mind tells us.

It doesn’t mean that the stories necessarily stop its just my means my ability to handle them is greater.

I don’t let them become my current reality.

So even though someone said something hurtful, and it did make me questions some things, I’m grateful that it happened. I also don’t hold anything again this person. You may have read my last blog, Know your worth and Love yourself, where I talked about learning to love yourself for who you are not because of anyone else’s expectations or projections.  I know the past 3 months were really about testing my ability to do that. To love myself despite what someone else has said. Had I really learnt the lesson?

In the end I had.