I may not be an American, where celebrating Thanksgiving is part of the culture ,but I can appreciate the sentiment of taking time to give thanks for the amazing things you have in your life.

Today I’m grateful for so many things but something I’m particularly grateful for, especially today, are my yoga students in North Adelaide (you know who you are). No matter how crappy I may be feeling teaching in our little studio to such a great group of students always lifts my spirits.

When I first moved back to Adelaide 4yrs ago it was only supposed to be for 6months, covering the classes for my dear friend Jody. It has now been 4yrs and Im still here lol! Adelaide has always been home and I love that I can use it as  base and still get to enjoy my passion for travel and teaching overseas. I’m so grateful for the all of you  that have supported me every step of my way in my dreams of teaching yoga and travelling the world. You support me when I travel and always come back when I return. Im truly blessed to have such an understanding group of students. Its been such a blessing to watch everyone develop and grow over the years, your level of practice, dedication to practice and trust in me as a teacher is truly a gift . After teaching in different locations all over the place coming back to teach you all is truly a joy, its like coming home to your family.

So today I thank all of you for being part of my life, for helping me grow as a teacher and a person. Im better today than I was yesterday for knowing all of you.

Love and light

Zoe xx