‘I may not be there yet but im closer than I was yesterday’

So often we set these impossibly high standards for ourselves and when we perceive failure as a result it’s easier to just not try. We believe others will judge us if we don’t live up to a certain standard and we judge ourselves even more.

Just today I was talking to a friend about a class I’m going to teach at a new yoga studio. She told me ‘I don’t know if I can come to class I know there are things I wont be able to do and I’ll get frustrated and worry about not being able to do everything.’ I knew she was also worried about what others would think. I told her to just come. Even if you can’t do certain postures yet there is always something you can do and isn’t that better then doing nothing? The only way you’ll ever develop the ability to be able to do a full class is to come and do what you can otherwise nothing will ever change.

A person wishing to run a marathon who has never run before isn’t going to try and run a marathon first go. No they’re going to run shorter distances and do what they can, each day they will build their endurance and strength and eventually they’ll be running a marathon.

Its amazing how often we do this stop ourselves before we even try. So next time instead of focusing on what you cant do recognise what you can do, who knows you may even surprise yourself if you just try. And don’t worry what other people think, that’s there issue, more often than not they’re not actually thinking about you anyway!