I’ve come to realise over the years that the most growth happens when I push myself out of my comfort zone. In asana practice this could be trying a new posture, removing a prop that has become a security blanket or even just practicing in a differnet space, changing your perspective can be an amazing thing. Just last week I was forearm balancing in my back yard, yes I fell plenty of times but then all of a sudden it stuck and if I’d stayed in my comfort zone with the wall this never would have happened.

In life it can be doing those things that make me feel uncomforatble. I love being at home with my dogs and just chilling out. Sometimes after teaching a lot and being around people and sharing my energy all I want to do is just curl up on the couch with my dogs and switch off for a while. Whilst this is definitely needed I can tend to become a bit of a homebody so for me getting out of my comfort zone could be as simple as making the effort to go and visit or meet up with friends somewhere else.

A few years ago I made a deal with myself that every year I would try something I’ve never done, this could be as simple as trying a new type of food (for those who know me this is actually big for me, but that’s another story), learning something new(playing guitar, learning a new language), doing something ive never done before (skydiving, diving, rockclimbing) the opportunities are endless.

I also made a deal to travel somewhere new each year. Not necessarily new countries; often this is the case, what can I say I have the travel bug, but sometimes its just somewhere different within a country. I’ve been to Bali a few times for yoga, I run my YTT’s there. each time I go I make an effort to go to a different part of Bali. I love doing this, sometimes i find a new little gem that I never would have found if I just stuck to what I knew. Sometimes I discover somewhere I don’t like and that’s ok to. If I didn’t discover that I didn’t like it I would always wonder what it was like. Either way I’ve learnt something new.

This week I’ve been right out of my comfort zone building my new website and you know what I learnt a lot. I leanrt that I can build a website, I learnt that I have a breaking point of patience with a computer and internet , I can also get someone to help me when I get to the point that im over it and its no longer fun for me to try something new and I just want to get it done lol!

So where is your comfort zone and what are you going to do to see where the magic happens?