Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts with the headline 10/15 signs you’re a true yogi or ‘how to become a better yogi’. These blogs include such points as;  you can’t live without coconut water, you start Ujjayi breath when stuck in traffic, you end all conversations with Namaste, you take your yoga mat on vacation with you, you leave your jewellery on in class, you don’t drink alcohol, your wardrobe is full of yoga clothes, you know that pain in your hip is resentment towards…insert person here… you have a change of perspective EVERY time you come out of an inversion and more.

Well if all it takes to make me a true yoga is to drink coconut water, practice Ujjayi breath and not drink alcohol, excuse me while I run out to the supermarket, correction health food store, to get me some of that coconut water, stop by the jewellery store to get some jewellery so I can keep it on during yoga class, and call that person to talk about that resentment I’m holding onto and then meditate on how I feel about that resentment and do some inversions to change my perspective on the whole resentment thing…Namaste.

I especially loved this point from one article ‘You are intuitively aware of the differences between Judgement and Discernment.’ Isn’t having a list detailing signs that you’re a true yogi in itself a judgement? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t yoga all about union and letting go of the ego. Whilst these posts may be a bit of fun its really just another way we let our ego’s take over and judge ourselves and others as to who’s a better yogi.

Can someone please explain to me how leaving your jewellery on whilst in yoga class makes me a better yogi?? I can drink all the coconut water I want, take my yoga mat on vacation with me, own as many yoga clothes I want, as long as they ‘subconsciously compliment my aura’, none of which is going to make me a better ‘yogi’ or technically ‘yogini’ the female variation. By the way knowing the difference between the female and male noun is another sign you’re a true yogi/yogini.

You can’t teach yourself to be a yogi; follow steps 1-10 and you’ll become a yogi. It’s not like teaching yourself how to ride a bike. Yoga is an internal practice. What it means for me to be a yogi/yogini will be different to what it means for you.  The very fact that I’ve read at least 10 different blogs on this and each one has a different perspective on what makes you a ‘yogi/yogin’ is proof of this. Yoga is about connecting to you, and each of us are individuals. So rather that judging yourself against someone else’s ideal listen to your heart and find what being a ‘yogi/yogini’ means to you.