It’s the first day of Spring here Down Under. The sun is shining the birds are chirping and people are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. We shed the winter layers, literally and metaphorically, come out of hibernation to reawaken to a new phase in our lives.

With all these changes around us spring is a great time make some positive changes in our lives.

During classes the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about the choices we make and how it is up to you as an individual to get what you want out of your yoga practice. Yes I am leading the class but it is up to each person what they put in to their practice and what they then get out of it. Our lives are the same, only you have the power to affect the change you want to see in your life no one else can do it for you. Just like expecting someone else to do your Chaturangha’s for you wont help you, expecting others to change your life for you wont work either.

You have the power over your destiny if you are not happy in your life ask yourself ‘Why?’ once you’ve figured that our ask yourself ‘what can I do to change it?’ you then have 3 choices.

1. Make positive changes to lead you towards living the life you want
2. Don’t make the changes and accept the life you have


3. Make the changes and be unhappy in the life you lead. Constantly wishing it was something different.

So instead of sitting on the couch watching other people live their dreams and saying ‘I wish I could do that…’ make a choice to take action and live your dreams. The only one who’s stopping you is YOU!