Empowering you to step into your LIMITLESS potential

Hi there, Im Zoe

I’m a yoga teacher, life coach and inspirational speaker dedicated to helping you take back your POWER, live with PASSION and find your unique PURPOSE. 

I help empower people to find the courage to stand up and be who they truly are, to break free of the limitations they have physically, mentally and spiritually.

I will challenge you to show up for yourself both on and off the mat. To live up to your highest potential, to step up to fear and doubt and say “not today” to replace “I can’t”  with “how can I?”

I will encourage you to rise up again and again, I will help you connect to your highest self, I hope to inspire you to live up to your highest potential.

To live from your truth and not be bound by the chains of others. To recognise who YOU and live life freely


Connect to yourself through movement, meditation and mindfullness practices


Transformational life coaching to help discover the blocks that are holding you back from living YOUR most fullfilling life.

Take back your POWER, live with PASSION and find your PURPOSE.


Stay up to date on inspiring and transformational workshops, retreats, courses and events to take your practice and life to the next level both on and off the mat.